Legal Articles

  2009-04-07 - A discussion on the legal remedy of claim and delivery for possession of one's horse.
  2009-02-25 - A look at the relationship and responsibilities of a boarding facility and its boarders based on the legal principal of bailment.
  2008-12-21 - A discussion on how to handle a free horse.
  2008-11-13 - A discussion of agency relationships in the Equine Industry.
  2008-09-12 - A look at how the recreational statute affects riders.
  2008-08-08 - The discussion of the necessity of an undertaking on a livestock servicer lien.
  2008-07-07 - Are media releases really necessary for stables and riding schools?
  2008-06-16 - A look at how to legally handle an abandoned horse.
  2008-06-11 - A discussion of why liability releases really work.
  2008-05-26 - How to address concerns regarding horse boarders on your propery.
  2007-12-20 - A discussion of horse tack liability issues.
  2007-09-01 - The importance of using a contract in a horse transaction.
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Equine Statutes